1990: To Rap My World Around You
1994: Lucacentric


1991: “Show Me Your Moves”
1994: “Wau Wau Wau”
1994: “Lucas with the Lid Off”
2001: “My Feet Hurt”(featuring Blue)
2001: “My Feet Work”

Production/Songwriting Discography

Fabian Secon upcoming singles and album Mux Music 2015
Alesso single “Cool” feat Roy English 2015 Def Jam Records US
Blonde – single “All Cried Out” feat Alex Newell 2015 FFRR/Parlophone Records 2015
Alex Newell upcoming single Deep Well Music/Atlantic Records US
The Gabriellas upcoming single “Look-a-like” RE:A:CH Records 2015
Trey Songz – upcoming single new album 2015 Atlantic Records US
Cheryl Cole“Goodbye Means Hello” on “Only Human” album 2014 Polydor Records
M.O. upcoming singles Lucid/Warners UK 2015
Boyz 2 Men “Underwater” from album “Collide” BMG 2014
Cody Simpson – “No Ceiling”
Inna – “Take It Off” and “Tonight”
Olly Murs – “Cry Your Heart Out’
Christina Aguilera – “Red Hot Kinda Love” from album “Lotus”
Conor Maynard – “Another One”
Blue – “Risk It All” and “Black Box”
Pleasure P– “Face Drop
Bluey Robinson – “Coming Back”
Big Time Rush – “Show Me”
The Saturdays – “The Way You Watch Me” feat Travis McCoy
Gym Class Heroes
Keke Palmer
Alexandra Burke “Tonight”
Aqua – “Like a Robot”
Mohombi – “In Your Head
Steve Aoki feat Rivers Cuomo of Weezer – “Earthquakey People”
Metro Station – “D.T.”
Miranda Cosgrove – “Face of Love”
J Pearl – “Must Be A Reason”
September- “Party in My head” and “Resuscitate Me”
Double – “Lips”
Cee Lo Green– “It’s OK”
Cody Simpson
Big Time Rush feat Snoop Dogg and New Boyz – “Boyfriend
JLS – “Don’t Talk About Love”
Tohoshinki – “Mirotic
Girls Generation– “Echo” and “Lazy Girl” from The Boys
Girls’ Generation-TTS – “Adrenaline” from Holler
Britney Spears -“King Of My Castle
The Wanted – “Heart Vacancy
Kylie Minogue – “Get Outta My Way
Shayne Ward – “Someone Like You” and “Must Be A Reason Why”
Sofi Bonde – “L.R.”
Stan Walker – “Black Box
The Cab – “L.L.”
Pixie Lott – “Gravity
Travis McCoy – “Need You
Fighting With Wire – “N.B.”
Sean Paul – “Lookin At Me” with Toni Braxton
Toni Braxton – “Make My Heart“, “Lookin At Me”,”Yesterday”(dancehall radio remix)
Jordin Sparks – “Walking On Snow” and “It Takes More”
Sean Kingston – “Face Drop
The Pussycat Dolls – “I Hate This Part
Sarah Connor – “Under My Skin
Madcon – “Share My Sky”
Jordyn Taylor – “F.I.”
Paradiso Girls – “Echo”
Martin – “Show The World
Luigi Masi – “Armed With Love”
SHINee – “Sanso Gateun Neo (Love Like Oxygen)
Hayden Panettiere – “Top Up”
Cozi Costi – “Stamina”
Paula Deanda – “Take Off The Brakes”
Sugababes – “Virgin Sexy”, “Million Miles”, “On The Run”, “Future Shokk”, “Betcha”
Aaron Carter – “Not Too Young, Not Too Old”, “Come Follow Me”, “Leave it up to me”, “Another Earthquake”, “America Ayo”.
Liberty X – “Ill Be Remembering”, “Whatcha Doin Tonight”, “Shotgun”, “In My Bed”.
Keisha White feat Cassidy – “Don’t Care who Knows”, “Weakness in me”
RB – “Mama”
Lene – “It’s Your Duty”
Sly and Robbie – “Shoulder To Cry On”
Mos Def – “Miss Fat Booty pt 2.”
Boom – “Fallin'”
Tweet “Smokin Cigarettes”
Mark Morrison – “Blackstabbers”, “Horny”
Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Take Me Home”
Fu-El – “Please, Please”
Safri Duo – “Agogo Mosse”
Chubb Rock – “Bring em’ Home Safely”
Tyler James – “Why Do I Do?
Billie Piper – “Misfocusing”, “Walk of Life”
Lucas – “Lucas With The Lid Off“, “Show me Your Moves”
Omero Mumba – “Lil Big Man”
Phoebe One – “Get On It”
Abs Breen – “Wanna Get With You”
Blazin squad – “Twisted Up”
Yasmin – “Wanna Dance”
Lewis Taylor – “Bittersweet” remix
Emmy Rossum
Sprinkler – “Leave em’ Somethin’ to Desire”
Shara Nelson – “Friendly Fire”
Blak Twang – “Dettwork South East”, “Entrepreneurs”