Lucas Secon is a man wearing many hats. From his beginnings as a poetic, progressive, lyrically inclined and conceptually adept mc, to dj to producer and songwriter to the stars. Lucas works across the board in many genres but with the spirit of Hip Hop in his veins and fingers. He also manages artists and as his own manager places all his own records.

Lucas Secon, also known by the stage name Lucas, is a Grammy AwardMTV Award and Emmy Award-nominated record producersongwriter, Golden Poets Award winner, DJrappersinger and artist / conceptualist.He has started a label named Mux Music and management company named Mux Music Management where he has developed new artists Millie Go Lightly and Fabian Secon-both whom are being launched in 2015. He lives in LondonUnited Kingdom. Secon has contributed to over 70 million album sales, countless multi-platinum, platinum and gold singles and albums, and seven number one records and number one albums. Secon is also known for his own single, “Lucas with the Lid Off”, from his 1994 album Lucacentric.


Early life

Secon was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Secon played association football for Scandinavia’s biggest club FC Copenhagen’s youth team from age 6 to 16. He then played for Frem in Copenhagen but music ended up taking over. He also studied many forms of martial arts from Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon-Do, Kick-Boxing to Wing Tzun Kung-Fu which he stuck with for 5 years. Secon spent his childhood between New York and Copenhagen while also living in Venice, Italy and London, England before settling in New York after graduating from high school. He attended New York University, majoring in Psychology and Philosophy with a minor in Music Business. Secon won Spin Magazine’s Golden Poets Award for his poem “The Ice Age” (out of 150,000 entrants), which became a song on To Rap My World Around You. With his father, Paul Secon and Lucas also wrote a song together called “Red,White and Blues”.


1990-1994: Solo career, signed to Uptown Records by Andre Harrell, Secon debuted in 1990 with the album To Rap My World Around You. In 1993 he signed with Atlantic Records and released his 1994 album, jazz-influenced Lucacentric which hit the Top 40 in at least 10 U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and became his only Top 40 hit as a solo artist. The music video for his the single, directed by Michel Gondry, received a Grammy nomination 37th Annual Grammy Awards and a MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Male Video in 1995. The video features a very distinctive and memorable style, being shot in one take among a variety of different sets. It was voted #4 in an MTV list of the “Best Videos of All-Time”. He has also worked as a DJ for many different artists. He started DJing as a 15 year old in Copenhagen, Denmark and entered he Danish DMC World DJ Championships contest. Following the release of Lucacentric, Secon’s focus switched to production and songwriting.


Lucas’ father, Paul Secon, is perhaps best known as the co-founder of Pottery Barn along with his brother Morris Secon. He also worked as a songwriter for Nat King Cole, The Ink Spots, and The Mills Brothers and many more. His mother, Danish artist Berta Moltke, was the head of the Danish Academy of Arts for several years and has exhibited around the world for the last 35 years.